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Re: coreutils and GNU_PROGRAM_PREFIX

Aleksey, there is one aspect where your solution breaks previous behavior. With 
GNU_PROGRAM_PREFIX empty, man pages installed for the prefix-less tools 
properly. At this point though, there are no man pages installed for the 
prefix-less variants. That's quite annoying, because in situations where the 
GNU tools are to be the default/only variants available, there is no obvious 
path to do e.g. 'man ggrep' for the user.

We need to symlink the man pages too. Either under ${PREFIX}/gnu/man (not sure 
how desirable that is for pkgsrc to introduce a separate MANPATH entry), or 
under the normal ${PREFIX}/${PKGMANDIR} - introducing a conflict between 
archivers/pax and archivers/gtar-base (with NBPAX_PROGRAM_PREFIX empty). 


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