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lubuntu style meta-package

I started a lubuntu-style meta package at pkgsrc-wip called 
light-desktop. I added around ten packages also.

Here is an article about the desktop choices:

I have used it for a few months (except I use xterm, firefox, and jwm 
instead of defaults).

See the wip/light-desktop/TODO for a list of packages to work on.

Some needs:

- install artwork, default startlxde, configurations, themes, menu, etc.

- chromium

- need a gui network interface manager (applet) with wifi scanning and 
configuration  (what do you use?)

- need a gui to manage packages (I heard someone is working on it for 

- nautilus-extensions maybe should be split out of nautilus, since is a 
dependency for gnome-system-tools

- wip/simple-scan apparently uses SANE, but needs gudev/udev too. I 
didn't look closely.

- need to package system-config-printer

By the way, gnome-system-tools (and its gnome-time-admin) are 
interesting and don't use libgnome.

Anyone interested in helping get this mostly working?  Who will use it?

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