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update rythmus from pkgsrc?

i want start here a constructivly discussion. Please why the Version from 
Pkgsrc source are mostly so diffrent to the source from original place?

pkgsrc/security/openssh -5.8p2  ><,     Ver.6
pkgsrc/emulator/Qemu    -0.15.1 ><,        Ver.1.0.1
pkgsrc/X264-snapshot    ~2011   >< videolan.bla         Ver.2012
pkgsrc/math/Gnuemeric   -1.8.4  >< gnumeric             Ver.1.11
pkgsrc/devel/gcc        -4.1    >< gnu gcc              Ver.4.7 or 4.8
pkgsrc/devel/binutil    -2.17   >< gnu binutuls         Ver.2.22

- what are here the rythmus from update tree pkgsrc?

- it's also possible don't understand this topology from Pkgsrc (so i start 
this qeustion)

- also i see daily pkgsrc cvs update output (iam not shure but it's here 
patching the Bugfix and not Versionupate)

- why so diffrent old Archives exist?

- are this diffrent groups that handle diffrent sections?

i am fan from NetBSD and i'am happy with it, but don't understand why? this are 
running so.

i hope also any feedback on me question are possible
best regards
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