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openoffice build problem


I tried to build openoffce on NetBSD-6/i386 and got this:

Module 'slideshow' delivered successfully. 2 files copied, 2 files unchanged

2 module(s):
need(s) to be rebuilt


ERROR: error 65280 occurred while making 
ERROR: error 65280 occurred while making 

Attention: if you build and deliver the above module(s) you may prolongue your 
the build issuing command "build --from redland ucb"

Looking up in the redirected logfile I found these messages:

Checking DLL ../../../ ...: ERROR: Shared 
object "" not found
dmake:  Error code 1, while making '../../../'


ld: cannot find -lraptor2
make[1]: *** [redland-db-upgrade] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory 
======================= is available in the .buildlink/lib library and so the error is 
but libraptor2 is not available there (it is installed in /usr/pkg).


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