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Re: Upgrade sysutils/puppet to 2.6.13

On Sat, Feb 18, 2012 at 01:45:24AM +0900, Takahiro Kambe wrote:

Hello Takahiro,

> > since I'm a heavy pkgsrc and puppet user on Solaris I took the liberty
> > to update the current package to 2.6.13. Please find it attached. The
> > update was pretty straightforward on my installation, but if you
> > encounter anything strange feel free to discuss this on the list or
> > directly with me.
> I don't know much well about puppet but latest puppet's gem file is
> puppet-2.7.10.gem.  Is it something development (or unstable) version?

2.7 is the stable branch, whereas 2.6 is the maintenance branch. I chose to do
an update that doesn't hurt my installation that much (haven't tested 2.7 to be
honest). It might be an option to drop this and just start with 2.7.

> > I haven't tested the package on NetBSD, since I only have Solaris x86
> > servers running so I'd appreciate any remarks for non-Solaris
> > installations.
> Is it work with ruby19-base or ruby193-base?

Can't tell, as I haven't tested this, still going with 1.8. But according to
the FAQ on, 2.7 has still issues with Ruby 1.9

Best regards,

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