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Re: pkg_info -u broken? or pkg_chk?

Jörn Clausen <> writes:

> Hi!
> I just noticed:
> $ pkg_info -a | wc -l
>      751
> $ pkg_info -u | wc -l
>      635
> $ wc -l pkgchk.conf
>      125 pkgchk.conf
> In other words: I would expect a much much smaller figure reported by
> "pkg_info -u". The full listing reports packages that I have never
> installed "on purpose", like a lot of TeX related packages.
> Does updating a package (at the moment I use "pkg_chk -su") change
> this classification of a package? I'd consider that a bug, or is it
> done on purpose?

make replace does not perturb the automatic flag.

I am unclear on 'make udpate', which is what I think pkg_chk -u does.
If make update clears the automatic=YES flag, that is in my opinion a

I find that entropy creeps in, and thus examine the automatic flags.
Basically I do pkg_admin set automatic=YES on packages that I don't
explicitly want, and find that between occasional maintenance and using
make replace almost exclusively for updates, things stay mostly in

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