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Xorp 1.8.4 is released.

Hello BSD maintainers!

If you have any patches to help make xorp 1.8.4 work
better on bsd, please send them to me and I'll incorporate
them into the upstream xorp code.

I have uploaded binaries & source code to

The downloads link points to now instead of SourceForge,
but I put the windows binary and source code snapshot on sourceforge
and github as well, just in case someone prefers that.

Generally, 1.8.4 is mostly a bug-fix release.

Here's the release notes highlights:

    *  Add async-XRL support, from Steven Simpson

    *  Fix bug in deleting non-VLAN interface.  Commit would fail
       because the code would attempt to remove the interface from
       the kernel and fail.

    *  Fix BSD related crash when adding interface with same ifindex
       as a previous interface.  OpenBSD has the nasty habit of re-using
       the ifindex when creating/deleting virtual interfaces.

    *  Fix multicast bug that totally breaks XORP multicast on recent
       Linux kernels.  The problem is that I chose the wrong default
       multicast routing table (254, instead of 253 as it should be).
       So, if users don't specify a routing table, it pokes routes into
       the wrong table.  This wasn't caught in my testing because I always
       explicitly set the routing table ID.

    *  Add some env variable controlled debugging to the libxorp and libxipc
       logic for better debugging of xrls and the event loop.

Full release notes and change log are available here:


Ben Greear <>
Candela Technologies Inc

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