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Re: Changing default X11_TYPE from native to modular for some platforms (Was: What platforms work with X11_TYPE=native)

On 19 September 2011 05:52, OBATA Akio <> wrote:
> On Mon, 19 Sep 2011 03:49:04 +0900, David Brownlee <> 
> wrote:
>>> How do you feel about NetBSD>=5 ports still using XFree86?
>>> Should those ports also be switched to X11_TYPE=modular by default?
>> I suspect so. Ideally they should be switched to X11R7 native, or
>> failing that possibly build the X server from XFree86 and everything
>> else from X11R7.
> So how about switch X11_TYPE=modular if X11_PREFIX != /usr/X11R7
> (like a pkgtools/x11-links/ instead of OS release version
> basis?

I like it (I'm a big fan of autoconfiguration, possibly too much of a
fan in some cases :)

What happens for systems without native X11 installed? We could
automatically treat them as modular, but then if native X11R7 is later
extracted things would break - unless we recorded some state that the
system had been locked to modular

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