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Re: binary package for meta-pkg (Re: newbie destdir question

On Sun, Sep 18, 2011 at 06:51:21AM +0900, Makoto Fujiwara wrote:
> Let me rephrase the answer a little bit.
> The target of make file, is aparantly two types.
>   Even if the target is 'packgage', the dependency required to
> be installed. 
>   And if the ultimate one is meta-pkg, the difference of
> 'package' and 'package-install' for this particular case is
> trivial.  The latter will build following file and the former
> doesn't. 
> (I don't find the most recent one on, sorry for 
> somewhat outdated example.)
> 'make package' on meta-pkg will install whole thing. 
>   The advantage is for this relatively small file mentioned
> above is that you may get whole thing of gnome just by
> 'pkg_add gnome'.  (assuming PKG_PATH is correctly points to
> the chunk of binary packages).
>   In the case with for example 'make clean', it does not have
> any dependency. If you issue make clean on top of pkgsrc src
> tree, it sweeps all the directory and do 'make clean' everywhere.
> Please correct me if I am writing wrong.
> Thanks a lot,

Oh - so I will have all of the dependencies of meta-pkg/gnome installed
on the build box, even with make package. So the only way to have the
desired outcome: "just make packages on the build box but don't install
any on the buildbox" necessitates the use of e.g. pbulk? Even with
"DESTDIR support"?



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