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Re: Changing default X11_TYPE from native to modular for some platforms (Was: What platforms work with X11_TYPE=native)

I looked at the USB stick where I installed NetBSD i386 4.0.1, originally 4.0, 
and found X11R6 and no X11R7 under /usr.

Do I need to have an explicit statement X11_TYPE=modular (in /etc/mk.conf?)?

If I install from binary, I can skip the X stuff, and not download xsrc.tgz if 
I build the system from source.  Idea would be to build xorg from pkgsrc.

Building the system from source might produce something better tuned to my 
hardware, though getting NetBSD to run properly on my new computer is a long 
shot, and getting NetBSD to perform as well as FreeBSD is a longer shot.  I 
want to be able to use the USB 3.0 external hard drive.

FreeBSD's and Linux's ways of dealing with GPT partitions is surely much nicer 
than NetBSD's dk wedges.  I don't like to risk messing my FreeBSD and Linux 
installations if NetBSD runs amok.  This would be a risk even if I install 
NetBSD amd64 on a USB stick.


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