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heirloom utilities in pkgsrc

Greg proposed me to send announcement about heirloom packages I've just
imported to pkgsrc.

heirloom utilities are hosted here

Many of them were opensourced by Sun and Caldera about a decade ago.

Why I imported them: from time to time while testing my own shell and
awk scripts or debugging NetBSD/Linux utilities I'm wondering how they
work on systems other than NetBSD and Linux. heirloom helps me when I
have no acess to Solaris or whatever else.

0) UNIX utilities even buggy ones is a part of IT history

1) heirloom is portable to many OSes and can be run if you have no
   access to Solaris, HP-UX or SCO.

2) AFAIK heirloom-sh comes from pre-POSIX days and it is very close to
   /bin/sh from Solaris<=10. From POSIX point of view it is a big
   collection of bugs but we (pkgsrc) support Solaris.

3) heirloom-awk provides historical oawk, which is /usr/bin/awk
   on Solaris and some other OSes. It is... :-)

4) nawk is also provided by heirloom-nawk. Despite its name it is very
   different from NetBSD's awk. /usr/pkg/heirloom/bin/posix{,2001}/awk
   is claimed as POSIX compatible.

5) libuxre - regexp library aware of utf-8.
   heirloom-{grep,awk,sed,...} are linked against it.
   I know I'm in wrong mailing list but have a look at

    bin/38108 [non-critical/low]:
       single regexp implementation for NetBSD base system

   IMHO in a long term it makes sense to have only one regexp library in base.

6) heirloom-sort: unlike NetBSD sort and GNU sort works correctly with
   utf-8 (sort -f).

7) heirloom programs are small.

8) other utils may also be interesting and helpful

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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