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xpkgwedge and XAPPLRESDIR

xpkgwedge tells us, when you install it:

$NetBSD: MESSAGE,v 1.3 2003/10/19 07:16:33 grant Exp $


* You MUST set the environment variable XAPPLRESDIR in /etc/profile and
  /etc/csh.login by hand in order to make pkgs built with xpkgwedge run
  properly, e.g.

        export XAPPLRESDIR


        setenv XAPPLRESDIR /usr/pkg/lib/X11/app-defaults


  If any users set XAPPLRESDIR in their own environment, these settings
  will not work -- such users need to set XUSERFILESEARCHPATH (syntax
  can be found in XtResolvePathname(3Xt)).


However, setting XAPPLRESDIR doesn't appear to have any effect, at least
on some programs. I tried it with games/nethack-x11. This is a setgid
program, which may or may not make a difference.

So I tried looking at XtResolvePathname(3), and the following seems to

    export XFILESEARCHPATH=%D:/usr/pkg/lib/X11/%T/%N%C

which is not obvious from a first reading of the manpage.

1) Should we make the message clearer?

The message is only shown when you install xpkgwedge, which only happens
if you build from source yourself. If you install pre-compiled binaries,
you never see it, but it still may be important for some programs.

2) Should it not just always be set?

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