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chat/zephyr package replacement / upgrade (from kerberos 4 to kerberos 5)

I have a replacement for the chat/zephyr package, using the maintained
source from . It uses Kerberos 5, and I would
prefer to disable Kerberos 4 in it. Of the zephyr communities I've
talked to, IASTATE is K5 only, MIT zephyr accepts K4, but K5 is
preferred, CMU Andrew only accepts K4, CMU CS is K4 now, but going to
K5 this summer. Various smaller realms are somewhere mid-transition.
If I were to enable k4, I have no method to test that it works. I have
tested that the k5 only mode works.

I can replace chat/zephyr with my package, or I can create
chat/zephyr-k5. Anyone have any input on this?


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