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Re: squidclamav in pkgsrc?

Carl Brewer <> writes:

> I'm just wondering if there's any plans to pull squidclamav into pkgsrc?
> It lives here :
> Any thoughts?

1) tech-pkg is the wrong list.  This is for discussion of hard issues in
making pkgsrc work.  This belonged on pkgsrc-users, and I've changed the

2) pkgsrc doesn't have the sort of plans you are looking for.  Anyone
with commit rights is welcome to add this package whenever they want,
except for occasional stability freezes.

3) I recommend checking out pkgsrc-wip on sourceforge, where just about
anyone can add packages.   Many people in pkgsrc prefer that new
packages from non-committers show up there and be polished (to pass
pkglint and peer review) and then be imported into pkgsrc proper.  Even
if a package is never imported, it's easy for others to use within wip.

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