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Re: make update and automatic install flag

Marijan Unetić <> writes:

> I will give make replace a try, but pkgsrc.txt doesn't recomend it.

See pkgtools/pkg_rolling-replace and read the man page.

> And on the other hand, why not update all dependant packages?

I do, via pkg_rr.

The reason not to use make update  is because all depending packages are
removed and if the update fails you are left with missing packages.

The reasons not to use pkg_rr are 1) after replacing a package, then
depending packages might be broken due to ABI changes and 2) when files
are moved between packages you often can't do replace one at a time.

The reasons not to do bulk builds and update from binaries are that it's
perhaps hard to set up and requires a chroot or a spare machine for it.

Different people have different tradeoffs, but I think the above is
reasonably fair.

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