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Re: patch for doxygen to not depend on tex

  Besides this, I was wondering if it would be possible to introduce
  some sort of support for separate "system" tex installations in the
  pkgsrc infra-structure, since official annual texlive installations
  are available on many platforms (including NetBSD/i386), and as much
  as I appreciate Min Sik Kim's work on expanding and improving supprt
  for tex in pkgsrc, I still find the official texlive distribution more
  reliable/predictable across platforms (having a broken tex system is
  not an option for me in my everyday work, even for short periods of
  time; I do understand that the design of texlive might not be perfect,
  but it seems to be well-tested, and does the job rather reliably).

This seems like a straightforward extension of the builtin detection
code, except /usr/texlive isn't builtin - but it's the same concept.  I
wouldn't object to this, but a) ENOPATCH  and b) I don't understand the
consequences well enough to support it either.

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