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Re: patch for doxygen to not depend on tex

Min Sik Kim <> writes:

> I have the attached patch in my local pkgsrc tree.  It reduces the
> latex dependency from the entire teTeX to some tex-* packages.  As
> soon as I resolve conflicts between teTeX-texmf and doxygen's
> dependencies, I will commit it.  I just need to import the remaining
> pstricks packages (tex-pst-*) before I bump teTeX-texmf's PKGREVISION.

That looks like it would be helpful for some people.

> If you still think this is heavyweight, I would not object to making
> the latex dependencies optional/build-time only.

My goal was to have a machine that could make html doxygen with zero
tex.  So I would be inclined to have my patch to avoid latex/tex
entirely and have the "with tex" version be your way.

I have a slight concern that the dependencies you expressed would be
fragile with respect to tex packaging churn, but given that there will
be a -latex option and that you're making that change and not me, it
seems fine.

size comparison:

pkg_info -S with  latex option: 177527105
pkg_info -S with -latex option:   5914928

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