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Re: Error in audio/speex/

On Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 06:00:38AM +0000, Thomas Mueller wrote:
> I didn't see "C" as first letter of a line, except where it was already there

You see it in the output of "cvs update".

> I suppose to do 'cvs diff', I have to be back in NetBSD in that directory.


> Or maybe if 'cvs diff' does not actually write to the file system, I could run
> 'cvs diff' from Linux, where I am now.

Should work too.

> I have no good  graphic web browser yet in NetBSD, only links-gui which is
> very unstable with graphic driver x.  I wonder why links-gui doesn't offer
> framebuffer (fb) graphic driver with links-gui, which works at least with 
> Linux.
> Maybe they couldn't get it to work right in NetBSD?

The framebuffer in NetBSD isn't compatible to the one in Linux, and
noone ported it yet.

> Next time I do 'cvs update -dP', I could rename my fixed just to 
> be 
> out of the way.

Good idea. Or watch the output of "cvs update -dP" for "C" (trouble)
or "M" (local changes).

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