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Re: Error in audio/speex/

From: Thomas Klausner <>

> > Or do bug fixes not show up on that web page: only version upgrades, 
> > package additions and removals?

> That's correct.
> If you want to follow every change to pkgsrc, subscribe to the
> pkgsrc-changes mailing list or watch
>  Thomas

That helps, I bookmarked in Seamonkey, better than .

I think it's easier, much less cumbersome, to browse the mail-index via web 

In most cases, I only need to look at the Subject line.

I see math/gnumeric has been updated to 1.10.13, I'd like to try it for some of 
my income tax records and calculations, where I previously used Quattro Pro 5 
for DOS, which still works from FreeDOS, or last two years OpenOffice Calc.


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