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Re: Error message and stop every time a dependency is built

> On Wed, 23 Feb 2011 16:35:46 +0900, Thomas Mueller
> <> wrote:



> If you set PKG_DEVELOPER=yes, USE_DESTDIR=yes is also set by default.
> With USE_DESTDIR=yes, "pakcage" target just create binary package, not
> install it.

> How about set DEPENDS_TARGET=package-install ?

> OBATA Akio /

Yes, setting DEPENDS_TARGET=package-install in /etc/mk.conf solved the problem.

All the dependencies installed, then I had to type "make install" to install 
the main package.

Not installing dependencies automatically on DEPENDS_TARGET=package is useful 
when one wants to make several versions of a package with different options, or 
two or more packages that conflict with each other.


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