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Re: [HEADS UP] Package removal -- please check


This should stay, as should gtk1 itself.  guile-gtk is a foundational
library and I don't think there is net benefit to withdrawing it from
pkgsrc users.  I still have code (not in pkgsrc) that uses it.  There
really is no stable replacement for it even now (guile-gnome-platform
sort of is, but releases have been flaky, plus it's a completely
different API).

I will ping the guile-gnome-platform people; now that guile 2.0 is out
a stable release of guile-gnome-platform is in order.


There is a much newer version; this should get updated rather than


I think there is one pkgsrc user left who hasn't migrated to
gutenprint, and there are no good reasons not to migrate.  So I think
it's ok to remove this.

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