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New release of Blobwars 1 with DFSG music and sound

Hello everyone,

I'm emailing you because back in 2008, it was announced that the music and
sound in Blobwars was non-free (or at least, lacking copyright information and
therefore non-distributable). All of you were involved in the discussion about
what to do, according to my email archive.

Hans de Goede (from Red Hat) and I have found replacement music and sounds with
CC-BY, CC-BY-SA, GPL and BSD licenses. We have also, in cooperation with
Parallel Realities, set up a SourceForge project where development of Blobwars
continues. We have just released version 1.18, with the new music and sound:

The music was found via, a site that recently closed, but was similar
to Music from three artists (DJ Sjors, Ambick and SinQ) has been
selected. The artists have all been contacted, and were all very positive about
the use of their music in Blobwars, and ensured we could use version 3.0 of the
CC-BY and CC-BY-SA licenses for their music.

The sound was taken from various other FOSS games, and in some cases generated
from scratch by Hans. Tracking all the license information and ensuring proper
attribution was tedious, but has been done. The in-game credits are complete,
and I have also created a DEP-5 compliant debian/copyright file, which has all
the information in a machine-parsable format.

We believe we have fixed the copyright and distributability issues, but if you
still find problems, let us know.

Blobwars 1.18 has been tested on Linux and Windows, I invite the BSD
maintainers to check if it still compiles on your platforms, if not let me

Met vriendelijke groet / with kind regards,
      Guus Sliepen <>

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