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Re: comms/asterisk18 lacks spandsp support

On Jun 28,  4:15pm, Stefano Marinelli wrote:
} I've successfully built Asterisk 1.8 from pkgsrc because I am planning
} to switch a PBX from Debian Linux to NetBSD (5.1 stable).
} Asterisk works, but it has just faxing support over T38 and not the
} (unreliable, but often useful) Audio fax transmission. This is acheived
} using the "spandsp" library (not present in pkgsrc, just in wip). But

     It is now.

} actually the Asterisk in pkgsrc doesn't support it at all. I've tried to

     It does now.

} compile the wip one and install it, modify the Makefile to enable the
} support but the build stops because it cannot find the spandsp files
} (correctly present in /usr/pkg/include).

     Pkgsrc deliberately hides stuff to get consistent builds.  This is
the purpose of files.  They cause the appropriate links
to be made in work/.buildlink.

} Did anybody ever had this problem/solved in any way? Thank you!

     asterisk18 has a brand spanking new spandsp option (build tested
only).  Sending me (I'm the OWNER= of comms/aseterisk18) a note
directly or filing a PR will usually elicit a response.  I would like
to see more use of Asterisk on NetBSD.  So if people have a need that
isn't met by the package and it isn't too onerous I'll usually update
the package fairly quickly.

}-- End of excerpt from Stefano Marinelli

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