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pdflatex and PDF includegraphics problem

Dear All,

recently I upgraded my packages. Now, with teTeX-3.0nb9,
inkscape-0.48.0nb2, dia-0.97.1nb4, ghostscript-8.71nb7, and
kdegraphics-3.5.10nb10 I have problems including PDF files in

With test.tex containing:


where ListRanking-conv.pdf was converted by

pdf2ps ListRanking.pdf
ps2pdf13 ListRanking-conv.pdf

I get

<./ListRanking.pdfassertion "!obj1->isNull()" failed: file 
"pdftexdir/", line 978, function "void write_epdf()"

If I use ListRanking.pdf directly (either converted with inkscape from
a dia SVG or written directly from dia), I get the same result.

A file Amdahl.pdf written by gnuplot-4.2.6nb4 does not trigger this

So far I haven't found any promising hints as to how to solve this.

Any suggestions/hints are welcome.

Thanks and best regards,


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