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Re: osabi and x11-links: for NetBSD only, or other (quasi-)Unixes also?

"Thomas Mueller" <> writes:

> I'm rather new to actually using pkgsrc so I don't really know what
> there is comparable to FreeBSD portupgrade (pkg_rolling-replace?)

Yes, for source builds, and nihpkg seems to do that for binary builds
but I haven't had time to play with it yet.

> It did seem strange that NetBSD-5.1_STABLE would be not compatible
> with 5.1_RELEASE.

It's actually probably quite compatible.  But osabi sees them as
different (because in theory they might be).  If you rebuild osabi, and
then rebuild everything that depends on osabi, and so on, you'll be all
set, and probably not have to rebuild all that much.  (Actually, when
you rebuild a package because it's dirty from the replaced-dependency
viewpoint, then if it's the same version, that doesn't dirty further
packages.)  pkg_rolling-replace will do this for you, assuming each
underlying make replace works.

pkgsrc also goes to great lengths to bump the "nb" revision on packages
when a depending package has an ABI change.  This has a similar effect
to what pkg_rolling-replace does, except that it does it in a static,
binary package kind of way (which is exactly what you want if you're
using binary packages).

> I see NetBSD-current has been keeping version number 5.99.44 for
> several consecutive builds, from

In theory that third number is increased every time there is an
in-kernel ABI change.  That should a fortiori include any user/kernel
ABI change.  In practice it changes often enough that you just have to
rebuild osabi and some packages every time - but also if you just live
dangerously and don't worry about it most packages that depend on osabi
will work anyway.

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