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Re: osabi and x11-links: for NetBSD only, or other (quasi-)Unixes also?

"Thomas Mueller" <> writes:

> I wonder how other OSes and other package managers, or lack of package
> manager, get along without osabi.

In Linux it seems to be some combination of having the kernel and
include files in a package and difficulty updating.  My hazy impression
is that people who run Linux need to reinstall from scratch every few

> If I try pkgsrc in Linux, then I run into osabi difficulties if I
> choose between several kernels?

Probably; you could spiff up osabi to know that mulitple kernels have
the same abi.

Also, only a few programs depend on osabi.

> It could also be a nuisance to one who tracks NetBSD-current.

It's a minor annoyance at times, but it also forces rebuilding programs
that might depend on the system ABI, so really it's a feature.

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