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Re: icewmconf home page and master site no good

> On Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 04:24:17AM +0000, Thomas Mueller wrote:
> > I tried to reach the home page for icewmconf, as listed in pkgsrc,
> >
> > and it was no good: 404 Not Found, meaning the domain was good, but there 
> > was no /icewmconf in that domain.
> > Master site was invalid, maybe was good some time in the past?
> > Maintainer was listed as
> > I googled but got only bad links.
> > Maybe icewmconf is superseded by icecc?

> The two are by different authors. icewmconf was last updated in 2001,
> so probably its author lost interest since then.
> The distfile is still available in case you want to use it.
>  Thomas

I wonder if icewmconf would still work on newer icewm releases, including the 
one in pkgsrc and the current 1.3.7, which I may try to build for Linux.  Maybe 
I should see what comes with the newer icecc.

Websites/homepages being no longer valid happens a lot with older software.  I 
noticed it quite a lot with Internet software for DOS.


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