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audio/libsidplay2 and audio/sidplay2 fail on Linux in -current


Building audio/libsidplay2 and audio/sidplay2 fails ony my linux-box
(Slackware64 13.0).
I managed to find out how to come around and where the problems lie. Though
I'm not that into C++, I hope somebody else will take my results to patch it
or find out if it's the upstream.

 1. No std::ios::openmode (in libsidplay2)
    When configuring, the script does not find ios::openmode on my system.
    When I try to compile the test-script (ll23402) myself, it fails, too.
    But when patching the "<fstream.h>" to "<fstream>" (the same with iomanip)
    and prepending "using namespace std;", the script compiles flawless with
    g++. As the configure-script is unreadable, I could not find the
    compiler-options used which would influence the call of g++, but using
    just 'g++' needs these patches.

 2. No cstrings (in sidplay2)
    When configuring, the script does not find my cstrings, so tries to
    compile without cstrings. In several places then sidplay2 does not know
    strcmp etc.

Building libsidplay2/sidplay2 on my NetBSD-machine (5.0.2, sparc64) via
pkgsrc does also work.
So my first thoughts were something about the libc's used, but when I tried
building libsidplay2 form tarball without pkgsrc and bmake, there wre no

If you need any further information or investigation, just contact me.
For faster communication, write a PM and I'll give you my JID.

Regards, Julian

[1] Failing build: See attachment
[2] Packages in Slackware64 13.0: (500KB)

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