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[ANN] pkg_online-client-0.10 release

Some time ago I released new version of wip/pkg_online-client, client part
of the client/server search system for pkgsrc packages.

The default search capabilities becomes even more powerful.
Quick example is below.

    0 pkg_online-client>pkg_online_find dns server 
    net/dhisd                 -   DynDNS server
    net/fpdns                 -   Fingerprinting DNS servers
    net/maradns               -   Secure DNS server for *NIX systems
    net/mydns-mysql           -   MySQL-based DNS server
    net/mydns-pgsql           -   PostgreSQL-based DNS server
    net/nsd                   -   Authoritative-only DNS server
    net/p5-Net-DNSServer      -   Perl5 module to be used as a domain name 
    net/powerdns              -   Modern, advanced and high performance 
    net/powerdns-recursor(pdns-recursor) -   PowerDNS resolver/recursing 
    net/rootprobe             -   Root DNS server performance analysis
    net/unbound               -   DNS resolver and recursive server
    sysutils/wbm-bind8        -   Webmin module for managing ISC BIND 8.x DNS 
    wip/ldapdns(ldapdns-cvs)  -   Tiny, fast authoritative nameserver that 
queries LDAP
    wip/py-oak(py24-oak)      -   Authoritative/recursive DNS server
    wip/py-oak(py25-oak)      -   Authoritative/recursive DNS server
    wip/py-oak(py26-oak)      -   Authoritative/recursive DNS server

    0 pkg_online-client>

Detailed manual is in README file.

Major changes:

  Now pkg_online_client and pkg_online_find conform to POSIX Utility
      Syntax Guideline, for example, you can run the following

      pkg_online_find -r3 runawk.

  pkg_online_client/pkg_online_find and server-side tools now use
  .conf files (pkg_online_client.conf and pkg_online_server.conf)
  placed under sysconfdir directory or user's home.

  Build system has changed to mk-configure and the project structure
  has been reorganized.

  New option -n was added to pkg_online_client.

  FIX: dictd's special entries (00-database-xxx) are ignored by

  AI logic has moved from pkg_online_client to pkg_online_find.

  DESCRPTION:xxx entries were removed from PKG_ONLINE_FALLBACK_RULES.

  Several "dict" clients are run in parallel. This gives ~25% speed-up.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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