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Re: [pkg_rolling-replace] Updating perl and friends

  ===> Updating using binary package of perl-5.12.2nb1
  /usr/pkg/sbin/pkg_add -K /var/db/pkg -U -D 
  pkg_add: Dependency of p5-perl-headers-5.1_RC2nb4 fulfilled by
  perl-5.10.1nb2, but not by perl-5.12.2nb1
  pkg_add: Dependency of p5-Module-CoreList-2.36 fulfilled by
  perl-5.10.1nb2, but not by perl-5.12.2nb1

  [ loooong list omitted ]

You omitted the important part.  the 'fulfilled by perl-5.10 but not
perl-5.12' is a warning not an error with the -D flag.  However,
perl-5.12 conflicts with p5-Digest, so you have to pkg_delete p5-Digest
and all that depends on it.  I often use -f which leaves eg. pkglint
with a dangling dependency.  Then you can pkg_add -U -D the new perl
(since you have a perfectly good package, clean the workdir, and restart

It's important that anything that had p5-Digest get yanked out from
under it get rebuilt.  pkg_delete -f doesn't AFAIK mark things
unsafe_depends, but I believe that all of those things also depend on
perl5, so they should get rebuilt.

I've done this on several systems and they seem ok.

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