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Re: About flex

In -current as of a couple weeks ago, we have

        {293} flex --version
        flex 2.5.35

So, -current has long -- options ...

On Thu, 7 Oct 2010, Rui-Xiang Guo wrote:

Hi, all.
It seems that the versions of flex are diffenent between 5.1_RC4 and -current.
It does not support '--foo' options in 5.1_RC4 -
% flex --backup
flex: unknown flag '-'.  For usage, try
       flex --help
And in man page, it shows -
      flex has the following options:

      -b     Generate backing-up information to lex.backup.  This is  a  list
             of scanner states which require backing up and the input charac-

But I find that the '--backup' exists in the -current man page, so it shall be
support in -current, right? (I have no -current box to try.)

Will it be pulled into the next RC or formal release?

BTW, it seems that we miss the file in devel/flex of pkgsrc.



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