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Re: Terminal doesn't work in kdebase-4.4.4nb1

from "Ray Phillips" <>

> Could you tell me how to get the Terminal application working in 
> kdebase-4.4.4nb1 on a NetBSD/i386 5.0.2 machine, please?

> When I clck the K menu button, then System (under Applications), then 
> Terminal a command prompt window opens with Shell in its title bar, but 
> inside the window is this message:

> Warning: Could not start program '/bin/sh' with arguments '/bin/sh'.

> (Typing Alt-F2 then entering xterm into to the dialog box launches xterm, but 
> it's not as pretty as Terminal.)

> Ray

Isn't Terminal from Xfce?  I thought KDE had konsole as its enhanced terminal 
program, and GNOME has GNOME Terminal.  You might find konsole more suitable 
than Terminal for KDE?

My memory is from KDE 3.5.8 (?) from Linux Slackware; I found it much more 
difficult to get around in KDE 4.2.4, hardly ever use it.

I remember when I tried to run Terminal from KDE 3.5.8, the computer 
immediately froze, requiring Power Off/Power On reboot, but Terminal ran in 

I am now in Terminal running in Xfce 4.6.1.

xterm has a long man page, so I figure there must be ways of enhancing it, but 
an awful long learning curve.


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