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Re: pkgsrc quarterly vs. current?

On Mon, 4 Oct 2010, Thomas Mueller wrote:

> Now I see, checking the updates in NetBSD/pkgsrc packages and FreeBSD 
> ports, updates to NetBSD/pkgsrc packages have slowed to a crawl.
> I guess this is because of the freeze for the upcoming quarterly 
> pkgsrc?


> As for distfiles, I believe many sites, open-source developers, would 
> take down old versions, thus if one's pkgsrc or FreeBSD ports tree is 
> behind the time, the distfiles will have been superseded by newer 
> versions.  Once bugs have been discovered and a newer version 
> produced, it's logical to take down the older tarballs.

In some cases, a strict license may require us to provide source code, 
especially in the case when it is no longer hosted elsewhere.

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