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Re: pkg_rr multimedia/farsight2 infinite loop

Try running pkg_rolling-replace with 'sh -x', and figure out why it's
choosing farsight2.  I don't see it on the mismatch list.  Basically
bits of lisp are reimplemented in sh, and that's been a bit fragile.
There is a list of 'a b c d ...' where 'a b' and 'c d' dependency
relationships.  This is then tsorted.  If somehow that gets to be an odd
number instead of even, or something like that, the logic will be very

Make sure you have no package names with spaces.  It's probably not
allowed anyway by the tools.

  While debugging, I also discovered that pkg_rr had updated
  pkgtools/pkg_install, after which I could no longer pkg_add newly
  built packages using the system pkg_add binary.  For some reason,
  pkg_rr didn't like my trick of chmod -x ing system binaries to run
  pkgsrc's versions instead, and kept looking for /usr/sbin/pkg_admin
  and /usr/sbin/pkg_info, so I symlinked them to the pkgsrc versions
  (this is all happening inside a pkg_comp chroot).

In general pkg_install has to be updated to be more recent than the
system binary, unless there haven't been changes lately and the system
binaries have caught up.  But, this really has not much to do with
pkg_rr (other than that it calls make replace, which requires pkg_add
with the -D flag, which is recent).

You should have /usr/pkg/sbin and /usr/pkg/bin in PATH before /usr/sbin
and /usr/bin, so that tools in pkgsrc and the base are used from pkgsrc.
I do this and have no problems.

  I don't know if it is safe to delete pkg_install on NetBSD in order to
  use the system version, after having installed some packages with the
  newer pkgsrc version (the "marked as not for deletion" message scared
  me, and I don't want to screw up my pkgsrc db by using incompatible
  versions of the tools).

The db format is quite stable; what happened (I think) is that pkgsrc
used the new pkg_install tools to build a package and then the system
pkg_install tools error out because the package was built with a newer
version and thus might not be interpretable.  Basically just always use
the pkgsrc-built tools from now on and it should be ok.

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