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Re: IPv6 problems with webkit

On 1 October 2010 19:55, Matthias Drochner <> 
> Hi -
> one of the most popular german IT news sites (heise) has switched to
> offering IPv6 which means that the DNS resolver gets an AAAA record
> in its response. This made that my preferred RSS reader (liferea-current)
> stopped working for that channel if used without global IPv6 connectivity.
> As it turned out, this was due to a problem in libsoup which did only
> try the first address returned by DNS. This was fixed in the development
> branch but the fix was not pulled up to the stable 2.30 branch.
> libsoup is used by webkit-gtk for IP socket things. It is likely
> that other browsers using webkit-gtk (epiphany, midori) suffer as well,
> but I didn't check. (It should have become apparent with other sites
> providing IPv6, as NetBSDs, but I'm not sure I did check with a webkit
> based browser on a v4-only network.)
> An update of libsoup to the most recent one fixes the issue for me.
> Since we are in a pkgsrc freeze and this is a .0 version and not
> tested in other environments, I'm not committing this right now.
> If anyone sees problems with one of the mentioned browsers, please
> try the appended update and report.

Thank you for the patch.  I can confirm that with the updated version
of libsoup I can see in midori, which was priviously not
possible on my home network.


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