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Re: making pkg_rolling-replace make all packages first

  How Can I make pkg_rolling-replace work in this manner?

  1) Fetch all sources
  2) Make packages of all packages that needs to be updated.
  3) Then only delete packages
  4) Install the upgrade package as soon as a packages is deleted

As others said, if that's what you want (which is a totally reasonable
thing to want) then pkg_rr is mostly the wrong tool.  But, the other
tools don't quite do what you want either.

Fetching sources is easy and doesn't hurt your running system so I won't
worry about that (pkg_chk -f).

Then, your desired process has basically two steps:

  A) somehow, build the complete set of binary packages that would be
  installed after a complete update

  B) given the above, install them incrementally

Step A is handled by pkg_comp and the bulk build infrastructure.

For step B, you can probably make pkg_chk do it.

I have been thinking that pkg_rr should have an option (or default?) to
use existing binary packages if they exist.  With DESTDIR, a package is
built and then pkg_add -U is used to update it.  So if the package
exists, the update can happen without building.  Then it could be used
for step B.

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