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Re: making pkg_rolling-replace make all packages first


On Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 11:25:29AM +0530, Siju George wrote:
> Hi,
> How Can I make pkg_rolling-replace work in this manner?
> 1) Fetch all sources
> 2) Make packages of all packages that needs to be updated.
> 3) Then only delete packages
> 4) Install the upgrade package as soon as a packages is deleted
> thanks
> --Siju
Unfortunately you cannot, as far as i know, due to the working of
pkg_rr, as it does modify the packages of the runnign system. To
understand why i say this (but i may as well be wrong), let me explain:

1) You can fetch all sources, with a little scripting handywork in advance
2) I think this can not be done, because the packages that are rebuilt
start to be rebuilt from the deepest points of the dependency tree, and
those _must_ be replaced before others depending on these could be
linked against them. This makes it impossible for pkg_rr to first build,
then replace, as the linking is done against the packages installed.

Although you may work this behaviour around, with the waste of some disk
space: you can create a chroot environment, where you replicate your
setup, and run pkg_rr inside the chroot, where it will update the
in-chroot tree. after that you can simply rsync /usr/pkg and related
things out, or you may use pkgin or some other tool of your chioche, to 
update from the binaries generated.

Hope I could help, but i was also only guessing. Should You or anybody
else know more on the topic, please do share it, as this question is an
interresting one.

Yours sincerely: GÃbor Gergely

BÃzzÃl Istenben, Ãs tartsd szÃrazon a puskaport!
Put your trust in God, and keep the gunpowder dry!

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