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gtk2/Xrender confusion

I went to update packages (now that we're frozen, to debug/fix anything
that shows up in packages I use) and had trouble with x11/gtk2 not
building.  I figured this out, so this is both a hint to others and a
question about what should be.

system: netbsd-5, i386, xorg from xsrc.  recent pkgsrc head.

The failure was in gtk2's configure trying to link with pango.  It
failed because XRenderCreateRadialGradient was undefined.  Rebuilding
pango, cairo, and glitz didn't help.

The problem was that Xrender in /usr/X11R7 was at 0.9.4.  I had (not
sure why) Xrender installed from pkgsrc at 0.9.0.  modular xorg in
pkgsrc is at 0.9.6.

So (cairo's, I think) configure found XRenderCreateRadialGradient in
/usr/X11R7, but (I think) pkgsrc's Xrender was linked first during the
gtk2 test link.

I removed the Xrender package from my system and now gtk2 is happily

I think to really fix this we need per-library-sought search paths, not

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