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Re: [HEADS UP] gdk-pixbuf removal discussion

Thomas Klausner <> writes:

> pkgsrc/graphics/gdk-pixbuf contains an extension for GTK1. It was
> integrated into GTK2, but will now be split off again into a separate
> package with the just released gtk2+-2.22.0.

I don't follow how the gtk2 churn affects graphics/gdk-pixbuf, which
seems to be only a gtk1 thing and as far as I know stable.  If there
isn't a good reason to link these issues, I would suggest not doing so.
Or is it just about wanting to call the new gtk2+-based pixbuf code
"gdk-pixbuf".  To reduce confusion, I'd call is gdk2-pixbuf or
gtk2+-pixbuf or something anyway.

Is the continued presence of graphics/gdk-pixbuf causing any problems?

> I see this as an incentive to get rid of the GTK1 version of the
> package.

I am assuming you aren't talking about doing this today before the
freeze.  (Deleting a random crufty package with no dependencies is one
thing, but there's quite a bit of collateral damage to removing

[list trimmed to things I know something about]

> devel/guile-gtk
> devel/guile16-gtk

These two are fairly stable APIs to gtk from guile.  guile16 is becoming
less important, but there are reasons (e.g., guile-pgsql) to use it.

> geography/gpsdrive

package is old, now based on gtk2+.  I queued myself a TODO to update
it.  Please don't delete, even if gdk-pixbuf goes (but mark broken).

> graphics/gqview-gtk1

I am a gqview (well, geeqie) user and I doubt that gqview-gtk1 has any
users.  So this package is probably a candidate for removal on its own

In general, my view on package removal is:

  causes significant pain


  is so crufty that one can say in good conscient that no one in their
  right mind shoudl be using it, even if they have legacy code.

gqview-gtk1 passes the too-crufty test, because everyone I know has
moved to geeqie.  guile-gtk does not quite, because the way to migrate
is to guile-gnome (gtk2 and more, but not source-code compatible with
guile-gtk) which is a bit too unstable of an upstream to depend on and
thus reasonable people may choose to stay with guile-gtk.

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