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Re: TeXlive? Or any recent alternative?

On 12 September 2010 11:42, Thomas Mueller 
<> wrote:
> I see through, that there is a new TeX Live 2010 dated Sep 8, 
> 2010, though nothing is said specifically about NetBSD or pkgsrc.
> URL is

Thanks for the pointer; I am currently installing it.  TeXLive 2010
includes NetBSD-i386 binaries, which should run on -amd64 as well
(with emulation enabled).  Like previous releases, it comes with its
own installer (install-tl) and package manager (tlmgr), which are
independent of pkgsrc.  As far as I can tell, the advantage of
installing TeXLive independently is that you get an up-to-date,
complete, and properly configured TeX system quickly and easily.  The
disadvantage is that at present a separate TeXLive installation cannot
be used with pkgsrc packages that depend on TeX for documentation etc.
 Using the TeXLive installer also forces you to manage your TeX system
independently of pkgsrc (which I happen to find more convenient than
bothersome in fact).


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