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spamass-milter - bypass authenticated users


I've been looking for a spamass-milter option to avoid spam checking for authenticated users' messages. I found that it had been done in FreeBSD ports here:

So I tried out their patch and it worked! The feature adds an argument `-a' to spamass-milter:

  -a Causes spamass-milter to pass through unchecked any messages
     from connections established using SMTP authentication. This
     is useful for sites with remote users.

Here... a patch for pkgsrc that would bring this option into mail/spamass-milter. I added another patch file (patch-ac) to update the man page. It's included in the tarball above.

I bumped the PKGREVISION, which may be totally inappropriate, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Can we get this (or something like it) added?



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