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Re: latest version of 2010Q1

On Tue 20 Jul 2010 at 11:30:55 PM -0700, Stefan Schaeckeler wrote:
>> From: "Ian D. Leroux" <>
>> On Tue, 20 Jul 2010 11:28 -0700, "Stefan Schaeckeler" 
>> <>
>> wrote:
>> > I would like to install the latest version of 2010Q1 (not 2010Q2).
>> > [...] I was expecting cvs update to update some files. Nothing is
>> > updated.
>> >
>> > I assume I have now the earliest version of 2010Q1.
>> I thought the whole point of the pkgsrcYYYYQX branches was to be frozen
>> snapshots of the pkgsrc tree at fairly sane points in its history.  I
>> wouldn't expect there to be any updates for cvs to get once a certain
>> quarterly branch has been downloaded [unless you point cvs at a later
>> quarterly branch (or back at the main development branch), which you've
>> explicitly said you don't want to do].
>> In other words, if I'm not mistaken, you've already got 2010Q1 and
>> that's all there is to it.
>> Somebody please correct me if I'm spouting nonsense,
>I believe there are security updates for pkgsrcYYYYQX branches and sometimes 
>compiling issues are fixed as well.

Yes. I keep these notes in my crontab

# to change tag on a local checkout..
# cd /usr/src && cvs -q upd -dP -r netbsd-4 .
# cd /usr/pkgsrc && cvs -q upd -dP -r pkgsrc-2007Q3 .
# to make a fresh checkout..
# cd /usr && cvs -qd $CVSROOT co -r $TAG -P pkgsrc
# cd /usr && cvs -qd $CVSROOT co -r $TAG -P src

if your tag is already set in your checkout, all you need to
get the latest version is:
cvs -q upd -dP

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