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packaging glusterfs


I had a look at glusterfs. The client side will be quite difficult to 
use on NetBSD because of dependency on FUSE kernel API (it directly
opens /dev/fuse).

The server side seems more NetBSD-friendly. Packaging it in pkgsrc 
hits the following problems:

1) It wants, while devel/flex only produce libfl.a. The Right
Way would be to libtoolize flex, but I am not sure how such a change
would be accepted upstream. For now, I just made a with ar -x
and cc -dynamic, but I wanted to discuss the issue here, just in case 
someone have a good idea.

2) It wants a libpthread with semaphores. The easy way is linking with 
GNU Pth. so I tried adding this to the Makefile:
.include "../../devel/pth/"

That produces horrible namespace collisions, with error about redfined
symbols. (<sys/types.h> incliuudes <pthread_types.h>, which defines
pthread_t. If GNU Pth <pthread.h> is included, it collides). I fixed
it by adding an empty pthreead_type in .builidlink/include.

The namsepace collision goes away, but no file including <signal.h> 
without <pthread.h> before can build. That can be fixed by a signal.h
in .builidlink/include with this:
#include <pthread.h>
#include "/usr/include/signal.h"

Of course this is horrible, and there is probably a better way. Any hint?

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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