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Re: Update Problem

On Wed, 14 Apr 2010 17:57:13 +0900, Daniel Vergien 
<> wrote:

Hi list,

I want to update my pkgsrc-prefix on solaris 10 form 2009Q4 to 2010Q1.
I did "-bash-3.00# cvs update -dP -rpkgsrc-2010Q1" in my pkgsrc-dir
and then "pkg_rolling-replace -uv". But it fails by updating
bootstrap-mk-files-20090807 to bootstrap-mk-files-20090807nb1 with:

===> Deinstalling for bootstrap-mk-files-20090807nb1
Running /opt/pkgsrc/sbin/pkg_delete -K /opt/pkgsrc/var/db/pkg
pkg_delete: The following packages are marked as not for deletion:
===> Installing for bootstrap-mk-files-20090807nb1
ERROR: bootstrap-mk-files-20090807 is already installed - perhaps an
older version?
ERROR: If so, you may use either of:
ERROR:     - "pkg_delete bootstrap-mk-files-20090807" and
"/opt/pkgsrc/bin/bmake reinstall"
ERROR:       to upgrade properly
ERROR:     - "/opt/pkgsrc/bin/bmake update" to rebuild the package and all
ERROR:       of its dependencies
ERROR:     - "/opt/pkgsrc/bin/bmake replace" to replace only the
package without
ERROR:       re-linking dependencies, risking various problems.

All of the mentiont methods fail with the same error. I also tried to
use "pkg_delete -f", but the same. Who to handle this?

You can delete it with pkg_delete -ff, but after removal of it,
you can do nothing about pkgsrc based operation.

You need to do binary package based operation to update such packages.
For instance, set USE_DESTDIR=yes and do "make replace".

OBATA Akio /

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