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Re: pkgsrc CAD package for arbitrary graphs?

On 6 April 2010 04:59, Malcolm Herbert <> wrote:
> I'd like to map out the entity relationships for an application I've
> been asked to work on, and I would like to enter this into some sort of
> CAD package to make modifications to it once entered.
> This would need to be able to show arbitrary objects and their
> relationship to others and be able to attach notes to individual objects
> or the paths between them as appropriate ...
> Does anyone know of or recommend a pkgsrc package which does this?
> I'm familiar enough with QCad, however it seems more appropriate for
> real-world applications rather than abstract items such as this where
> heirachy and showing interdependance are more important than a strict
> layout.

graphics/dia ?

> Regards,
> Malcolm
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Chavdar Ivanov


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