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Re: default options for pinentry

Gergely GÃbor <> writes:

> As the binary packages are "bloated" and aim to create a desktop
> experince (like PulseAudio support, etc.) as I see, i'd like to ask

That is how it is in some cases, but it's far from agreed that it's a
good thing.  In a recent case of discusion about emacs, opinions ran
about 7 to 1 for *not* having gtk support in emacs by default.

In the pinentry case, adding gtk2 might make sense, but the people that
use KDE probably want the qt version, and having qt and gtk2 both is
pretty much guaranteed to leave no one happy.  So while I personally
have compiled pinentry with gtk2, I can't support changing the default.

What is agreed is that the best way to handle these situations is to
split the packages, so that the basic functionality is usable without
added dependencies.

> for the gkt2 option of pinentry to be switched on my default, as one
> using binary packages has to manualy configure it, should aim to use
> gpg-agent has to manually recomplie it.

So, perhaps you or someone could prepare and submit (to wip, or via
PR if for some reason you can't use wip) a pinentry-gtk2 package, that
just creates pinentry-gtk2.  In this case, there are --enable-foo
switches and I think this wouldn't be that hard.  It might be easiest,
though, to have all the GUI pinentry variants do manual installs of the
one program or just install in the subdir to avoid trouble from
overwriting the info file.

It would be also be nice if pkgsrc had more of a framework for doing
this semi-automatically, and if upstream packages had --disable/--enable
support that was aligned for fractional builds.

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