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License type required

Hi all,

I've got a long time ago a really cute c program (named "cpost") which creates nice postscript from c or c++ sources. I'd like to import it into pkgsrc, but I need some clearance about the license type.
The legal.doc distributed with this software is:

--- BEGIN legal.doc
You are hereby granted a royalty-free license to use, modify,
distribute, copy and create derivative works of the (name
of code or module or program), subject to the following terms
and conditions.  The (program, code whatever) is provided AS IS
with no warranty of any kind. No support of any kind will be
provided by the author or IBM Corporation.  The use of this
code is at your own risk and the risk of your licensees.
You are not granted any right to use any trademark or trade name
of IBM in connection with the use or distribution of this (program
or code name) or any version or modification thereof. The
author and IBM do not warrant that this code does not infringe the
intellectual property rights of any third party.
--- END legal.doc

Are those terms covered by any known license, or should it added a new (defaultly accepted) type?


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