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Re: Odd firefox behaviour

On Sat, 12 Dec 2009 10:08:56 +1300
Mark Davies <> wrote:

> You may wonder why you would run /usr/pkg/lib/firefox/firefox but if that 
> value is not stored in GConf firefox pops up the "Firefox is not the 
> default browser" dialog box and if you click "yes" to making it the default 
> then that is the path that gets written to GConf.
> So you get the situation that if you run firefox directly everything works 
> but if something like thunderbird fires it up https fails.
> Any ideas how to fix?

It a known problem that some components fail to load if apps are
started with the nsXULStub binary. That's why we have the wrapper script
in /usr/pkg/bin/firefox. I don't know if it's a NetBSD specific
problem or something wrong with the packaging. A possible workaround
would be to change the value that gets written to GConf.


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