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Re: Strangeness building cups

On 5/12/2009 12:31 AM, Greg Troxel wrote:

Sarton O'Brien<>  writes:

On 1/12/2009 2:09 AM, Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
On Mon, Nov 30, 2009 at 07:04:49AM -0800, Paul Goyette wrote:
I defined PKG_OPTIONS.cups in my /etc/mk.conf file (to remove
kerberos and add gs), but when I build the package, I get the

Options are additive. To remove a specific option, prefix it with -.
E.g. to remove kerberos:
        PKG_OPTIONS.cups=       -kerberos.

I noticed this a while back. I guess using '+=' is more for aesthetics
then? ... My original assumption was that specifying only '=' would

= overrides the assignment to the *variable* PKG_OPTIONS.cups.  += is
generally preferred if you don't know whether or not /etc/mk.conf had
previously set something, perhaps unrelated.

Yep, being so specific I hadn't considered setting it any where other than mk.conf. So it's more of a precaution then :)

But, the options that are used are not the value of PKG_OPTIONS.cups,
they are instead the contents of PKG_SUGGESTED_OPTIONS.cups, modifed by
PKG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS, modified by PKG_OPTIONS.cups (maybe not in that

I figured there would be some kind of inheritance to allow for overriding, ie. if set then forget what anything else has set, or ... pass everything to PKG_OPTIONS.cups, which is where I assumed appending to the variable came in.

'make show-options' is very helpful.

Perhaps the last line should say

You can add or remove options by setting PKG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS or
PKG_OPTIONS.cups to include, e.g., +option1 or -option2.

When starting out, the ability to negate the default options wasn't obvious. I went so far as to modify for the packages that I required a different set of defaults for. I think at least a mention would be useful.


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