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Observations on pkgin


First of all, I think this tool (pkgin) will be very good for pkgsrc!

There are a couple things that are a pretty clear problems for me as of now:

The installation process and the pkgin process itself do not honor the PKG_SYSCONFBASE macro properly. It tries to do the right thing, though. For example: I built pkgin with PKG_SYSCONFBASE=/etc. The following is output from an install of the resulting binary package. The install process tries to copy the repositories.conf file to the right place, but has trouble (trouble spots are marked with `*':

  $ sudo pkg_add -v /home/ftp/pub/packages/NetBSD/i386/All/pkgin-0.2.5.tgz
  Running install with PRE-INSTALL for pkgin-0.2.5.
* Executing '/bin/mkdir -p '/usr/pkg'/etc/pkgin'
  Running install with PRE-INSTALL for pkgin-0.2.5.
* pkgin-0.2.5: copying /usr/pkg/share/examples/pkgin/repositories.conf.example to /etc/pkgin/repositories.conf
* cp: /etc/pkgin/repositories.conf: No such file or directory
* chmod: /etc/pkgin/repositories.conf: No such file or directory
  The following files should be created for pkgin-0.2.5:

*     /etc/pkgin/repositories.conf (m=0644)

  => Please note the following:
  $NetBSD: MESSAGE,v 2009/06/08 13:58:26 imil Exp $

  First steps before using pkgin.

* . Modify /usr/pkg/etc/pkgin/repositories.conf to suit your platform
  . Initialize the database :

      # pkgin update


After creating /etc/pkgin/repositories.conf manually like this:

  # cat /etc/pkgin/repositories.conf

The update doesn't work because it doesn't look in $PKG_SYSCONFBASE.

  # pkgin update
  processing local summary...
  updating database: 100%
pkgin: /usr/pkg/etc/pkgin/repositories.conf has no repositories or does not exist.
  No PKG_REPOS variable to fallback to.

Setting PKG_REPOS does work ok.

Thanks for this package. I'm used to using pkg_chk for the same purpose, but I think this will be more user-friendly.


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